Hear the birds begin to sing the song of love and praise…

Photography by DalaiHarma

I’ll be honest…. I saved this one for today. For some reason, in my brain, the Friday posts have a little more gravitas about them. I have no idea why, and it’s probably not true. Either way, as some of you may know, there’s a special place in my ears for Ron Sexsmith. Ever since stumbling upon him (because, that’s how you find Sexsmith, you stumble upon him, he’s been putting out amazing album after album since, well technically, since 1985, but a little more officially since 1991 and yet (at least here in the states) he has gotten little to no love, another insanely talented Canuck who’s work just can’t cross the border very well (he needs an immigration lawyer)) my love and adoration of Sexsmith has only increased. It was Blue Boy in 2001 (that album is truly a masterpiece…. truly) that pretty much put him in the upper eschelon of my music rankings for life…

Here it is, 2008, our troubadour (and that may be the only time you hear me call ANYBODY that, but for Sexsmith, it seems oddly fitting) is pushing 45, but middle age tain’t slowing my boy down. Out comes Exit Strategy For The Soul and with it fourteen more songs that feed the soul (before it leaves, I guess?). Once again, with each song, Sexsmith continues to define what it means to be a singer-songwriter, as if it was a genre on it’s on. Impeccably crafted pop songs passing along nuggets of wisdom and observations that, for some reason, I always feel lucky to listen to, and feel wiser from the experience…

I guess I’ve become a fan-boy over the years. I’m quite content with that label. Enjoy!

Oh, and keep an eye out this weekend for a fun vinyl rip, I think I know which to spin, something sweet & fun, like bubblicious bubble-gum!

Ron Sexsmith – 01 Spiritude
Ron Sexsmith – 02 This Is How I Know
Ron Sexsmith – 03 One Last Round
Ron Sexsmith – 04 Ghost of a Chance

With the grace of life
go test the morning rains
hear the garbage truck go by
hear the birds begin to sing
the song of love
and praise
and may their happy sound
be strong enough to raise our spirits off the ground…

Ah, and a bonus, the song he and Feist co-wrote while out drinking one night (I believe). Totally different take on it than that on The Reminder

Ron Sexsmith – 06 Brandy Alexander

And, of course, more Ron Sexsmith down in the Music Listening Lounge. But first, please go show him all your love here, here, and especially here, here, and here, now.

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