Drive on, drive on, the highway, bright and long

Photography by Sean McRae

Much to my delight, it’s Friday and I’ve got an album playing in my ears that just keeps growing on my like a fungus, well, a good fungus? Ah, you get me (by now, I hope). It’s the new Walkmen album You & Me, and it’s really good, not at all what I expected. For god knows why, my brain reservoir doesn’t remember liking The Walkmen, but, like all albums I give a go, I approached it with an open mind and open ears.

At first, it had a samey kinda sound about it, as I worked it was hard to differentiate between one song to the next. I looked down at one point and was quite surprised to see I was on track six! I was like, “omg, like, when did we leave track 1, I ttly though it was a 20 minute epic!” But, after a couple repeats (I usually wait until at least the 3rd or 4th go through before I yay or nay something, unless it just floors me or down right hurts me early on (which HAS happened)) it really began to creep in and expose it’s subtleties. For some reason, maybe the reverb and overall aesthetic, it reminds me a little of the Veils, but I haven’t listened to them in a while, so I may be completely insane (or, at least, more insane than I previously thunk).

Where was I? Ringing guitars, haunting sounds (was this recorded in a church?), drowning bass lines, scratchy vocals, various keyboard/organ combos here and there and a nice mellow/moody pacing, yeah, that sounds about right, and a pretty cool way to take us out this week. A week I’m glad to be done with… not that it was bad or anything, it was just…… here.

Alright, go enjoy then go show them some love (via your monies), I see some bikes on craigslist I feel the need to beg my wife to allow me to purchase and add to our growing armada.


I’ve got a problem, that much is quite clear….

The Walkmen – 01 Dónde está la Playa
The Walkmen – 02 Flamingos (for Colbert) (Stephen?)
The Walkmen – 03 On the Water
The Walkmen – 04 In the New Year

And a beautiful bonus song…..

The Walkmen – 13 I Lost You

Drive on
Drive on
The highway, bright and long
Your river’s overflowing
your house is burning down
drive on
drive on…

Go show The Walkmen all your love (don’t make the mistake I made and buy a Sony Walkman, I don’t even own cassettes to play on it!) here, here, and here now!

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