Don’t remember how to feel

Photography by Tju-Tjuu (Kasia)

Happy Monday my friends! Back at work (yay.) and getting all caught up. Meh, all good, I s’pose. Just need to get back in it to win it, you know? Hope you enjoyed Vinyl Week this past week and I know we did here at Tsuru Headquarters. But, like all good things, we must look ahead, to our present (wait, what?) and move on to what’s next, what’s new! Such as today’s gem, which leaked out last week or so and I’m listening to now and earlier (are you confused yet? time is a state of mind, man…) ha!

The wonderfully named Yeti and their album The Legend Of Yeti Gonzales has been kick-starting my week, and what a nice choice! Tons of muli-vocal harmony and 60’s feel to this album, yet each song takes on it’s own flavor, a bit o’ country, bit o’ rock, pop, latin, psychedelia, whatever, in the spirit of Islands (is that where they got “Yeti” from? From “Abominable Snowman” by Islands? nah, but that’d be kinda cool) but with their own take and sound.

Really good. So, you know… Enjoy!

Yeti – 01 Obvious-Lee
Yeti – 02 Don’t Go Back To The One You Love
Yeti – 03 Till The Weekend Comes

When your job has lost all meaning
spend your work day kickin’ heals

Don’t know when you stopped believing
Don’t remember how to feel

You just find your just waiting in line

you find your just biding your time

til the weekend comes…

(rather apropos, if you ask me)

Yeti – 04 Merry Go Round
Yeti – 05 In Like With You
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