And there’ll be sun, sun, sun, all over our bodies

Photography by etherealwinter

Even super-lightweight casual fans of this site had to know this post was coming… Quirky acoustic pop, surface light, but deeper & more melancholy with more listens, songs about love & life, catchy as a mother-fucker, excellent lead vocals with a beautiful female backing vocals, spiked with organs, penny whistles, accordions, ukuleles, and especially a fidgety violin to boot, yeah, Noah & The Whale’s beauty Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down has been all I cared to listen to since about 3pm on Friday. I could try to make comparisons to Jonathan Richman on this track or that, or maybe drop a little Neutral Milk Hotel on that one track, and maybe even discuss how his voice, for some reason, reminds me of that guy from Coldplay when he’s in a lower register (in a good way)… but nah, don’t think that’d be fair. It is in many ways familiar and completely alone and all it’s own, you know?

Yeah, one of those. Perfect Monday music to get my butt movin’…. Got a whole week ahead of me. Apparently, I’m not the only one, we went to go see Hellboy II this weekend (good fun dumb action) and one of their songs was on a Saturn commercial. Huh.. Good for them. Then I look them up for their love links below, and what do you know, they are on Universal! Well, lucky them, guess I’m a bit late to this band when major labels and GM marketing teams already know about them. Oh well, still time to load ‘er up and enjoy…

Noah And The Whale – 01 2 Atoms In A Molecule
Noah And The Whale – 02 Jocasta
Noah And The Whale – 03 Shape Of My Heart

And my youngest daughter’s favorite… we sang this all Sunday morning long:

Noah And The Whale – 07 5 Years Time

Oh well in 5 years in time
we could walking around the zoo

with the sun shining down over me and you

and there will be love in the bodies of the elephants too
I’ll put my hands over your eyes but you’ll peak through

And there’ll be sun, sun, sun, all over our bodies

and sun, sun, sun, all down our necks

and there will be sun, sun, sun, all over our faces

and sun, sun, sun, so what the heck…

More love down in the music listening lounge!

Go show Noah and da Whale all your love here, here, and here now!! Ah and some videoolios, Shape Of My Heart & 5 Years Time… Nice.

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