With your feet in the clouds

Photography by Katie

Man, it was a wet & slippery one this morning… Normally, I love those two adjectives, especially referring to the ladies (well, one lady in particular) and to a good drink (gin and tonic, please). This morning though, the situation was quite different. It had rained all night, thunder, lightning, the works, with more due throughout the day. Making for a wet, humid, and cautious ride in this morning. All in all, it was a good ride, but then again, any ride where A) I make decent time and B) I don’t die is a good ride as far as I’m concerned.

Should be a nasty day in general, not sure how it will effect our plans to see Moliere’s Tartuffe at Schiller Park tonight (a play I know nothing about, because I’m as cultured as that fly that made it into your house yesterday) with our favorite couple in the whole wide world (holler! haha). Oh well, we’ll see. It’s okay if shit goes bad, there’s plenty going on this weekend with Comfest this weekend to more than make up for it. Should be plenty of good times!

Speaking of good times, how about we get to the music? We discussed Mentor Tormentor from Earlimart last year and the good times that were had there, and apparently less than a year later, they are already set with the next release called Hymn And Her (clever, eh? you see, it’s a boy AND a girl, ha!)… You see where I’m going here, right, male/female vocals, check. Lush pop, check. The only problem? They are from LA and not Canada. Oh well, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.


Enjoy (man, just re-read the post above, talk about rambling, eh?)…

Earlimart – 01 Song For
Earlimart – 02 Face Down In The Right Town
Earlimart – 03 Before It Gets Better
Earlimart – 04 For The Birds
Earlimart – 05 God Loves You The Best

You were drunk on the couch
with your feet in the clouds
and nobody’s watching…

Go show Earlimart all your love here, here, and here now!

2 comments for “With your feet in the clouds

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  2. Tsuru
    June 27, 2008 at 7:40 AM

    oh wow! thank you sooo much!!

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