We need some change

Photography by eelmikashigaru

How does a seemingly cute band with a tap dancer as percussion instrument follow up their uniquely fun and surprisingly depthful (is that even a word?) “breakthrough” album Bottoms Of Barrels? How does a band that I’m sure many wonder if they are a gimmick or for real? Well, with O, of course… How dare you even question Tilly & The Wall’s ability to advance and impress.

What at first seems like a restriction to an evolution of sound, they some how make it seem easy as this album opens up to reveal tex-mex, heavy metal, girl-group harmonies, and just strait up lovely indie-pop. Three albums in now, if you still think Tilly & The Wall is just “that band with the cute tap dancer” (though I agree that she’s adorable) well… then you don’t know Tilly….


Tilly And The Wall – 01 Tall Tall Glass
Tilly And The Wall – 02 Pot Kettle Black
Tilly And The Wall – 03 Cacophony

we need some change
some kind of sign
oh yeah, the human heart’s so gold and bright.

Tilly And The Wall – 04 I Found You
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