Vinyl Week Begins with…. Members-Only Vinyl Rip #9!!!

Photography “The Way The Good Lard Intended…” by Tsuru

Hey kiddos! Guess what!?!? It’s vinyl week here at! That means all week long, we’ll be posting nothing but vinyl goodness… WOOP! I can’t think of anything better to start it off with than Number 9 in our Members-only vinyl rip series. It’s up and ready for your love down in the society…. Simply one of the best pop/country/vintage albums of 2008. Won’t tell you what it is, cuz I’m devious like that. You need to go join and find out all by yourself. It’s okay, we’re nice! So hop on in, the waters fine…

(But like I always say, don’t just take, participate!)


See you in there! Lot’s of vinyl (and a wealth of non-vinyl, for that matter) goodness waitin’ for your sweet tender love!

Peace, love, & LPs,

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