This house without you is not a home to me

Photography “Innocent Time” by Garret Miller

Well, you can file this one under “Tsurubride Certifided“, even though she hasn’t even heard it yet! Listening again to Rubies’ Explode From The Center today and you can just hear it. The whole albums got that kinda chill folky groove to it. Take the lead off track, “Room Without A Key”… it literally sounds like Feist using Flight Of The Conchords as a backing band. I can see her now, crankin’ this up in the car, doing that dance-singing thing she does while driving where her chin goes up a little, her head tilts left, her shoulders go right, then each flip back the opposite direction, and she’ll have the adorable grin on…. Yeah, she’s gonna love this…

Ultimately, besides the occasional sweet car ride, I think this will be one of those albums we’ll keep a copy in the stereo at home, perfect for Saturday/Sunday chill/tinker/arts&crafts times, if you follow… And as we wrap up this week, that sounds just about divine to me…

Alright, I’ve done enough jibber-jabberin’ this week, time to shut up and enjoy!

Rubies – 01 Room Without A Key

You holdin’ back
you are full of doubt
and I’m takin’ notice
this house
without you
is not a home to me…

Rubies – 02 Too Bright
Rubies – 03 Signs Of Love
Rubies – 04 I Feel Electric

Apparently, the album is chock full of big name help, including Ms. Feist herself, pretty cool, though I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Also, labels like “danceable folk” or “homemade disco” are on the internets and that sounds about right. Anyways… Just listen, enjoy, and then go show Rubies all your love here, here, and here!!

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