Society Photo Contest!!!

Howdy my friends!!!

Sooo, I figured it’s time we have a little fun and give some stuff away. Here’s what I’m thinking. For our very first society contest, it’ll be a photo contest. The theme is “weezer & me”.

(Cheesy, right? I know.. but I like cheese)

Here’s the idea. Whoever puts up the photo that best represents what weezer means to them wins (and use your imagination, it can be self-portraits, photos of things, can be a cow because weezer “mooooves” you, or cow shit because you think weezer sucks shit, seriously, whatever, be as symbolic, obtuse, or as literal as you wanna be, ANYTHING goes)…

Give your photo a title and a little description (unless you feel the photo speaks for itself), then post it here in this thread. The winner will have their choice of an unopened CD (that’s right, I didn’t open either yet!) of either:

Rivers Cuomo’s Alone or..

Weezer’s Red Album.

Their choice, for FREE! (and if you don’t like either, hell, just sell it on ebay, or donate it to a different member).

Please limit your submits to, I don’t know, say 3 per person (I’m hoping for a lot of photos, have fun with it!)… you can change you submits if you want until the contest ends, which will be in, uh, 2 weeks on July 4. Sound good? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND


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