Just because I’m losing, doesn’t mean I’m lost…

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Not many bands create as much animosity in the anonymous online indie-music world as Coldplay, except maybe the Killers and My Chemical Romance. Why? Why must worlds divide, sides be taken, and battles be waged in forums & blog comment sections over something as harmless as Chris Martin and his Coldplay cohorts?

Be more constructive with your criticism ;)

From what I’ve read, it seems a quite a few folks out there seem to think Coldplay, et al, are faking it. That they are playing up strictly to an audience to garner all the moneys & fame. I don’t know exactly how one does that, how you can fake it to guarantee success, granted some of these disney bands (like that Lohan crap, Simpson crap, etc, where they audition pre-fabbed songs to choose to “sing” on through a program that fixes their shitty voices, see Ashlee Simpson’s first album) are fake, but even they aren’t guaranteed success (see Ashlee Simpson’s last album). Yeah, you can take advantage of trends and try to put out a product that you think people will eat up, but people are a fickle funny bunch. One minute they love ya, the next they are ready to watch you, forget your panties, shave your head, and beat your ex-husbands SUV with an umbrella.

But, where do these conspiracies come from? I mean, afterall, Coldplay, Killers, etc, do write their very own music, play their very own instruments, and manage to record their very own work. At the very least, they should be respected for that part, right? Even if you don’t like the music, they aren’t part of the produced bullshit widget machine. But, no…. those drinkin’ what the kids call h8erade call “phony” on them…

I think it’s a bit more psychological than that. I think the anger comes from the idea that these bands have given the masses the belief that they’ve tapped into our music world (well that and the fact their mom wants to fuck Chris Martin, lol). Deep down some folks think these bands have watered down “their” music and now all these soccer moms, starbucks mix CD buying, suburbanite whatevers, are thinking they are real fans of “their” type of music, trespassing into their music world!! And that gets some people really tweaked out. They don’t want that person to feel like they identify with them. No no! They’ve taken what they consider to be a weak version of our music to the masses, and the masses ate it up, and that cheapens the music they love! Regardless if there is merit to that feeling, I think something along that lines happens. Even if I’m completely wrong (which I’ve been known to be) it’s a very interesting phenomenon.

Sure, if I was a goth from the old days, then suddenly bands like Chemical Romance and Panic at the Disco came along, and every goober is runnin’ around wearing white powder, eye-liner, and black clothes from Hot Topic, I’d be irked too! But some people really emote their hate, don’t they? They transpose their annoyance to anonymous online hate… very strange.

Well, after seeing a bunch of feces flying around with the Coldplay leak, once I saw a proper CD rip (from the Japanese release) I finally gave Livin’ La Vida Loca a spin (wait, what? it’s called Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends? Oh, sorry)… I’m not much of a Coldplay fan normally, though I’ve like a few songs over the years (notably “Fix You” from the last album), for the most part, their albums have ultimately collected in my dust bin. Just didn’t click. But, it’s a new day and a new album. Time to clear the mind and heart of preconceived notions and push play.

Not too shabby…. It’s basically theatrical easy-listening rock, and that’s not a slight, it was nice and quite enjoyable. It’s not top 40 pop, even if they do get a “hit” out of it, but it’s something I think a lot of people (especially in the non-indie-world (for lack of a better term)) will get into and connect with.

They did a good job of adapting some world music influences into their sound (most notably in “Yes”, not a song about the band Yes, unfortunately), while keeping their sweeping theatric with multi-stringed instruments and what not, i.e. evolving their sound a bit, but not too much. Also, I’ll add, the bonus track, a pretty piano version of “Lost” is quite nice.

Yeah, I will say some of the emotional charges & some of the chord progressions in the songs can sound a bit “done before”, but that didn’t take away from the overall experience (maybe it’s all that weezer I’ve listened to that got me quite familiar with using the familiar to get certain emotions up and out). I don’t get the sense there is any faking going on… All and all, a good time was had!

Anyways…. that’s my Toonie’s worth. If you haven’t yet, give a few songs a go for yourself and enjoy!

Coldplay – 01 Life In Technicolor
Coldplay – 02 Cemeteries Of London
Coldplay – 03 Lost!

Just because I’m losing
doesn’t mean I’m lost…

Coldplay – 04 42

Stop hatin’ and go show Mr. Paltrow (oh, schnapps!) all your love here, here, and here now!

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