I don’t see it getting better

Photography by Jiani

Happy Friday… whee! Guess what… I’m on vacation (from work) next week! Yay! Just me and la familia all week long, should be good times as always. Think we are staying put, may try to do a day trip to a nearby city or something at most. Lots of cycling, arts, crafts, and high-quality bonding. =)

But have no fear, I’ll still be able to post! In fact, I hope to get a bit more vinyl out than normal, but no promises, m’kay? Also, should have time to wrap up my modifying of the GT Force bike and tomorrow I’m picking up my ebay super deal, the 82 Concord for $20! WOOP! Here’s the photo from ebay…

Photo by Jim’s Automotive Service Center

I think this will be either a fixed gear or, if it’s in great condition, just leave it a true 12 speed, but update the wheels, seat, and handle bars… we’ll see! We’ll let the bike decide what she wants to be, of course. It’s up to her. Ah, speaking of bikes, there’s a part of me that’s reeeeeally tempted to do Awesomefest this year.

Huh? What’s Awesomefest you ask? Well, first off, why didn’t you just click the link? But anyways, since you asked, Awesomefest is a Triathlon of Awesome! It’s cycling, tattoos, and Rocky! Basically, you cycle for about 40 – 50 miles, watch every Rocky movie, and get a tattoo of one of the three available options. My favorite is this one…

Cheesy? Dumb? Sure… but, you have to admit, even the most serious triathelons would have a hard time watching all 6 Rocky movies and getting a tattoo after biking for nearly a half-century. There’d be a certain connection that Awesomefest would create amongst it’s participants that would be, well, quite unique. Man, that’d be a long day…. time’s my biggest hang up. Not sure if I want to spend an ENTIRE precious Saturday watching Rocky movies. We’ll see…

Anyways… sending us out in style this week are the Pomegranates and their sweet new release, Everything Is Alive. Not sure how to describe this one, don’t think it’s my normal bag, but I casually (read: forced myself to stop listening to Islands this morning) started this one up, it just connected. It’s got a dated-in-a-good-way sound (I really didn’t want to use the words “retro”, “90’s”, or “late 80’s”, etc) reminding me of something that I just can’t my finger on. These boys from right down I-70 in Cincinnati call it “experimental pop” apparently, and sure, I can go along with that, it’s got a bit of Little Ones crossed with late 80’s/early 90’s (ugh, used it anyway, didn’t I) new wave? Yeah, kinda, no… I don’t know, either it’s tough to pin, or I’m just brain-dead focused on the my vaca starting up soon (probably the former or the latter, whichever means the second, I always forget).

Either way, (ir)regardless (ha), just grab the first few tracks from the album, get into it, love it, let it start your weekend off right, then go get the rest of this gem. See ya’ll later!

Pomegranates – 01 Transportation
Pomegranates – 02 WhomWho

I don’t see it getting better

Pomegranates – 03 In The Kitchen
Pomegranates – 04 Late Night Television
Pomegranates – 05 The Bellhop
More down in the Music Listening Lounge, of course!

Go show this wonderful fruit, er, I mean, band, all your love here and here now!

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