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Original Art “Possessed By A Red Cowboy” by elephantseed
Edited as an album cover by Tsuru

When it comes to my fanboyism, I’m a pretty determined guy. When an artist I love puts out something, be damned or high-water (wait, is that a phrase?), I figure out how to enjoy it, or some of it, or something. Worse case, a few songs will end up on a mixtape, you know? But I don’t give up on bands I have invested a significant portion of my life listening, buying, discussing, and even (sadly / pathetically / embarrassingly) arguing over.

So, here we are with 2008’s Weezer and their “red” album… The first 8 songs leaked out a few weeks back, and my heart was broken like a stupid teenage boy who hears his girlfriend, the “one and only girl he loves or will ever love”, has been spotted making out with the school quarterback. Beyond the first 3 songs, I just… well, just blech! So, I shelved it until the rest leaked, then I gave some more goes…. still, ugh. Then the deluxe version songs leaked out… Suddenly I had 10 Rivers songs and a couple from the other guys. I gave it a full blown listen on my ride in to work on Monday. As I listened (and pushed over the next fucking hill), it hit me that maybe there’s something that can be made from this….

My first thought was to combine some songs off Make Believe with my favorite River’s songs off Red, and make a “Make Red” or “Believe Red” or something but no no no…… that won’t do, it’s just.. no, I think I can rearrange red and get something to enjoy. During the day I tinkered with the tracklisting. In the spirit of Red, I tried to keep a few non-Rivers songs in (like King & Automatic, which I don’t hate) but it just was not right. River’s and his voice, that’s weezer. No matter what they do musically, it’s his voice that ties it, much like Stipe to REM. So I scratched the songs by Pat, Scott, and Brian, put them in the Tsuruloosie bin.

Next stop, played it through. Better, but the flows off. I knew the ending, it was either Angle & The One or I was going to go out with a bang with The Greatest Man. But before I could move Greatest, I had to see how the first half the album would flow without it. So, I tinkered some more and more. After a few tries, I feel I landed on a pretty good and new Weezer album. An album with some experimentation, some classic sound, some good flow, and ultimately, a shitload of fun! Yay!

Basically, the first half plays a bit more classic leading up to our first climax, The Angel & The One, then after a nice pause, “Miss Sweeney” kicks in and we start our more experimental Weez, taking the whole album to it’s ultimate finale, “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” (man, I get crazy chills when Cuomo hits that high note at around the 2:17 mark)…

Yeah, I know it’s wrong & evil to fuck with an album, and for that Weezer, I’m sorry… but to fuck it, at least I’m still here! Fanboyism back in tack, ready for album 7! ;) So, without further ado, I present…

Weezer – Red(ux)
(Full Zip)

1. Troublemaker
2. Pork and Beans
3. Pig
4. Dreamin’
5. The Angel and The One
6. Miss Sweeney
7. Spider
8. Heart Songs
9. Everybody Get Dangerous
10. The Greatest Man That Ever Lived

Go show Weezer all your your love here, here, and here now!!!

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