Comfort me, comfort me…

Photography by Tsuru (except the one of your’s truly at the bottom by Tsurubride)

O Canada…. what a wonderful weekend. Baby & I headed up to her hometown for a weekend of family, records, leather, and bicycles, and man o’ man, what a weekend it was…. First, the family. Always wonderful to see the in-laws, had a wonderful family dinner on Sunday and just chilled out by the lake in Port Perry after strolling around it’s very quaint little downtown area.

But first was Saturday and the records… and oh man, did we score some good times! We hit every place we came across along Queen St and heading up and through Kensington Market. Cleaned up at Criminal Records when we picked up Kevin Drew, She & Him, & Decemberists, as well as a new “ironic” studded belt. ha!

Sadly, an old haunt seems to have closed down… Not sure what happened, but Penguin is gone, if it just moved or something, someone needs to pop me an email letting us know.

Next up was some street vinyl… woop!

There we picked up some Rumours, Heads, and Roberta Flack for super cheap… As we continued our way to Kensington, we stopped off at She Said Boom Records & Books, where we picked up a rare-ish Brooklyn girl-group record Reparata & The Del-rons Whenever A Teenage Cries, that the owner was playing when we came in… Baby’s a sucker for girl-groups and we never heard of this one, so after check the price, we basically had him stop playing it and hand it over, ha!

Next up was our favorite CD shop, no records, Soundscapes where we picked up the Santogold & a best of Reparata & The Del-rons for the ride around and home. Good times!!

As you can see, we clearly hauled in some sweet swaggery. Check it:

Oh, if you are wondering what’s off to the upper-right, that’s a fake mustache collection and a plane that attaches to bicycles to make the propeller go round and round.


I’m cheesy like that. Oh, speaking of bikes…. As of this weekend, I’m the proud owner of three more bicycles. Yeah, I have a problem. First was this gem, a GT Force 21 speed:

Pretty light, pretty fancy, got a little bit of rust and the chain’s shot, no biggie, expect to clean it up, make it look and run sharp and either sell it or maybe make it my “fast” bike? Not sure… It’s a $500-600 bike new, but I got it for $75… not bad, eh? Then, on ebay, I tossed in a $20 bid for an ’82 Concord before heading up to TO, and apparently, on Saturday, I won it. Great condition, he just doesn’t ship, so no one put bids in! WOOP! Just need to head out to Chilicloth or something and pick it up this week. And FINALLY, on the way to Port Perry, we passed a home bicycle repair and sales “shop”. He had a bunch of bikes for sale, but better was a shit load of bikes around the shed in various conditions. I bought a Canadian Skyline De Luxe (two words) 10 speed for $10 CAD. Gonna use it for parts, most likely… Yeah, I’ve got a problem.

All-in-all, pretty amazing weekend, if I say so myself. Oh, almost forgot the leather…. We stopped off at Fauck Leather in Toronto on Monday before driving back to Columbus, baby picked up some BEAUTIFUL Italian leather for her work. Go check it out. The baby-blue is amazing, the photo does NOT do it any justice….

Okay, I’m typed out, ready to share some amazing music from the new Deerhunter. So, I’ll wrap this post up with the first 4 songs and a few more photos from the trip. Enjoy! Lots more soon…….

Deerhunter – 01 Intro
Deerhunter – 02 Agoraphobia

Comfort me, comfort me…

Deerhunter – 03 Never Stops
Deerhunter – 04 Little Kids

Go show Deerhunter all your love here and here

Such a sad bicycle…

Was Lenin right? Was your mom??

Lookee here… your boy Tsuru, happy with a bag full of records…..


6 comments for “Comfort me, comfort me…

  1. id
    June 24, 2008 at 10:15 AM

    you were in Toronto and didn’t go to Rotate This? Tsuru, come on now.

  2. Tsuru
    June 24, 2008 at 10:59 AM

    haha! we sauntered about through anything and everything that caught our attention. If we didn’t go somewhere, it’s because we didn’t see it…..

    Don’t worry, I spent plenty of money (too much), but we’ll be back up soon enough. Promise to offer up some patronage on our next visit…


    Have you been to criminal? not too shabby, no egos at all, we talked “indie-prog” (copyright tsururadio 2007) and just had a great experience…

    The street vinyl vendor was awesome. He had a toy record player where you could test the record! ha! for a $1 each, I was good with whatever condition they were in….

  3. Tsuru Bride
    June 24, 2008 at 11:00 AM

    We didn’t head past Bathurst on Queen, only on College. =( Next time!

  4. Tsuru Bride
    June 24, 2008 at 11:01 AM

    And love – you forgot the beach pics! =)

  5. Tsuru
    June 24, 2008 at 11:18 AM

    sorry baby, they are on the camera at home. These were the only ones at had with me here. Will have to do a beach post later or tomorrow!

    Man, the weather was gorgeous at the beach, eh?

  6. id
    June 24, 2008 at 7:41 PM

    the only vinyl I buy these days is Pollard related, so I hardly go to record stores anymore (buy via his own label). However, a store with zero ego sounds alluring (and almost too good to be true). I’ll definately check it out. I hate Soundscapes-each time I go in there they rob me of my morgage money-whatever I crave is is always in stock. I live outside of the city but ya, next time you guys are in town, if theres a show on or something, definately meet up for drinks so you can convince me to stop downloading my music and start spinning the records again. Oh, nice choice of Deerhunter today-Microcastles is amazing, no? amazing.

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