City livin’! La la la la la…..

Photography by Gabriele Chiapparini

Can I get a cold beverage? I need some leverage…. Okay, typing isn’t my friend today (I had to re-type the first sentence 5 times, not a good sign), so I may have to make this one quick. Old school faves from way back, G. Love & Special Sauce (didn’t he go solo for a while?) are back in da saddle kicking out some sweet G. Love grooves with Superhero Brother, a bit smoother than the “Cold Beverage” days, with bits of R&B, soul, funk, and jazz tossed in with good measure, but it’s still decidedly G. Love and his Special Sauce. And really, that’s never a bad thing.

Yeah, this one takes me back a bit… easy peasy, to love and to listen… Enjoy!

G. Love & Special Sauce – 01 Communication
G. Love & Special Sauce – 02 City Livin’

City livin’
la la la la la
City livin’
la la la la la…

G. Love & Special Sauce – 03 Wiggle Worm
G. Love & Special Sauce – 04 Peace, Love And Happyness

Go show G. Love all your love here, here, and here now!

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