Be my mirror, show me what I can change

Photography by Johanne G de Castelbajac

Friday, Friday, tis finally Friday… granted a very warm and humid one, making for one schweaty ride in on my schwinn this morning (hardy-har-har)! But who cares… it’s Friday! yay!

So, to take us out after a fun week of Weezer, Tilly & the Wall, a chunk of Broken Social Scene, will be some sweet sunny retro-y pop for The Morning Bender and their gem Talking Through Tin Cans. It’s got a fun child-like innocence about it and a bit of a home-made backyard feel. They are one of those bands who don’t hide their influence, and seem to having fun just playing catchy as all hell sunny pop songs (not too unlike my other sunny Cali faves The Little Ones)…. and you know that makes me a happy boy…..


The Morning Benders – 01 Damnit Anna
The Morning Benders – 02 I Was Wrong
The Morning Benders – 03 Loose Change

Be my mirror
show me
what I can change
don’t go
I know that you know
don’t let me down softly..

The Morning Benders – 04 Patient Patient

Go show these boys from San Fran Cisco all your love here, here, and here now!

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