Presents… Hallowed Ground on Vinyl!!!

Photography by Antonio

My wonderful wife got me this album for my birthday (thank you baby!!!) and with us going out of town for the weekend, I figured I’d share this now. Man… I love this album, it’s dark approach to sex, race, murder, and religion, making you wonder if & when Gano was being serious or just messing with you. Taking what quickly be Violent Femmes sound but multiplying it times a thousand. It completely baffling the cultish legion of fans they acquired with their first album. Every song….

I used to listen to this record back in high school constantly. And oh man, I made many a-mixtape using this album. I really don’t know what else to say. I could talk about how this album makes the iconic self-titled debut seem like child’s play. I could talk about how sad I am that the femmes aren’t making anymore new music, even though their last albums were incredibly twisted mixes of darkness, weirdness, and fun. Or I could talk about what the violent femmes mean to me and my musical growth. But meh… it’s Friday, I had a great ride into work, got a half-day today, AND I’m going for my first round trip home (hopefully my legs won’t fail me!). So, I’ll just be quiet and let this album, and all it’s snap, crackles, and pops (it’s an oldie, and an original issue on Slash!!!), speak for itself as….

TSURURADIO Proudly Presents… Hallowed Ground on Vinyl!!!
(Full Zip)

Side One

1. country death song
2. i hear the rain
3. never tell
4. jesus walking on the water
5. i know it’s true but i’m sorry to say

Side Two

1. hallowed ground
2. sweet misery blues
3. black girls
4. it’s gonna rain
More vinyl love & rippage in the society hall!

Go show these boys from Milwaukee all the love you can here, here, and especially here now! Have a great weekend! More music soon, but why wait for me? Go to the music listening lounge and start enjoying new music now…

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