Like a spoke on a wheel, I turn, I turn around and round…

Photography by Agan Harahap

Any casual fan of this site knows I love me some Little Ones, “Cha Cha Cha” ranked as one of my favorite songs of the year it came out (2006, I think). Well, it was with much glee that their new full proper album Morning Tide finally fell into my hands (no more EPs, yay!), rather timely I might add, why? Well, let me e’splain.

One, because I’m always up for some perfect pop…. and The Little Ones deliver, as always. They seem to know the magic chord progessions, sounds, effects, and vocals that they could probably cover some goth experimental noise project by Satan’s Sex Toy (I’ve got to google that! *update… oy) and make it sound like sunshine & lollipops & puppy dogs & snuggling on a blanket with your honey in the sun at the park on a perfect spring day.

Two, because of our bonus track “Spoke On The Wheel” (track ten on the album). I was walking through work to a meeting when this song came on, and I don’t think I told you this, but lately I’ve started commuting to work on my old Target Schwinn. It’s a mountain bike set up (here’s a picture I found online that looks roughly correct), so to make the 17 mile (approx. 80 min) long commute doable, I started tinkering with it. Stripping off unnecessary parts, etc. Painted her a nice military olive, added a maple leaf sticker for allegiance and christened her my “Communist Canadian Commuter Peoplebike (CCCP)”. Lol…. Here, take a look:

Not bad, eh?

Well, last night, I found a new baby to work on, an old Schwinn World Tourist 5 Speed. Here’s how we found her…

So, last night, I started tinkering, stripping off the excess weight with the mud and chain guards (don’t worry, I’m keeping all of that, if I ever want to go back), and basically turning her into my new commuter. No, not going fixed gear, not my thing, I’ll leave that to the urban hipsters, no keeping her 5 speed, keeping her bad ass paint job and decals, going to update her parts, but keep her true to her heritage to some degree. Here’s where we are after a few hours messing around last night…

Getting there… gonna be a blast! Can’t wait to take her on my first full blown commute! WOOP! Anyways, where was we, the whole point…. hmm, oh yeah! The Little Ones! The new album… and that song that was timely and got me thinking about my new bike… “Like A Spoke On A Wheel”, good times.

Alright, I’ll shut up now. Get ready to smile, my friends, because that’s what the Little Ones do, they make you smile… enjoy!

The Little Ones – 10 Like a spoke on a wheel

Out on the street
I heard the march of a million strong
the building sides rose so high
a spirit song
got up on my feet
into the garden went me…
…like a spoke on a wheel
I turn, I turn around & round
like a spoke on a wheel
I turn, I turn around & round!

The Little Ones – 01 Morning tide
The Little Ones – 02 Ordinary song
The Little Ones – 03 Boracay

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