Let is all die down to the screams of silence…

Photography by Samantha West

Man, I’m in a gooooood mood today, I’ll tell ya. Yesterday was my birthday, and no, I’m not telling you this to elicit a bunch of comments from you, but because it was so perfect, so low-key, easy-peasy, that I’m just coasting today. Baby took me out for tapas & vino, got me some records I’ve been wanting (to be shared later!) and took good care of your boy Tsuru.

But, I learned something…. wine, tapas, and, uh, ta-tas don’t make for a fun 17 mile bike commute to work the next morning. Holy crap, I thought I was going to die today! But all’s well and I’m wrapping up the week of crazy work, hoping to get out of here in a few hours and start the long weekend…..

The sky’s turned cloudy, and my happy chill is in full swing… supplementing my mood is something quite low-key itself, and remarkably beautiful, the not very google-friendly Travel by Sea’s Days Of My Escape. This is lazy Sunday music, where my brain has been all day (and my body will be soon enough). Good times…

Enjoy! Have a great long weekend, and keep an eye out for some juicy vinyl coming your way!

Travel by Sea – 01 Let it All Die Down

Let it all die down
to the screams of silence

Travel by Sea – 02 Gone

Travel by Sea – 03 Patiently
Travel by Sea – 04 Shake You

Go show them all your love here & here now!!

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