Into the room like that…

Photography by Antonio

What? Another post? Sure… why not. Not sure if I’m feeling happy about the Danielson vinyl rip, might re-look at that one tonight when I get home. Anyway, I popped on an album that one of our members of our humble Vinyl Brigade posted over in the vinyl society.

It’s about 180 degrees different then Danielson, it’s The Accidental’s There Were Wolves. I’d try to come up with my own description, but the one that came with it was just too dead on, “There Were Wolves is the debut album from a new collective that includes members of the Memory Band, Tunng and the Bicycle Thief. The music is low-key, understated and undoubtedly charming: semiformed laptop beats underpin simple acoustic strumming and layered voices”

Yep… that’s about perfect! One site (link below) that sells the album called it “Laptop Folk”, love it… Anyway, I’m just chillin’ through catching up at work and this is just easin’ my brain, easin’ me back into the work after such a lovely weekend…..

Hope you enjoy too!

The Accidental – 01 Knock Knock
The Accidental – 02 Wolves

There were wolves
lying in the dark
she was raining sparks
into the room like that…

The Accidental – 03 I Can Hear Your Voice
The Accidental – 04 Jaw Of A Whale
More The Accidental over in the Music Listening Lounge!

Go show this new collective (wait, are they from Canada?? ha!) all your love here, here, and here now!!

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