If you believe everything has a reason

Photography by Katja

As you know, Canada has pretty much owned the new music scene now, the “indie genre” if you will, for the past few years. And not much makes me happier to see the fruits of that great nation’s emphasis on art. But before this latest crop of creative mastery, there was Sloan. Doomed, like so many before, to never truly have cross-over appeal, like a giant wall that repels their sound waves was built along the border. Strange, really, because it’s infectious and fun power pop! What’s not to love?

I like to imagine some of my favorite modern Canadian artists, 10 years or so ago, getting to the local record shop to pick up the latest Sloan release, learning all the hooks and chords, getting the lyrics down, playing along in their room or apartment, honing their eventual mad pop song-writing skills….

Or were they the ones who made fun of the Sloan fans? Hmm… Regardless, their latest release Parallel Play peaked out the other week, and each song is just a wonderfully crafted pop song flowing seamlessly from track to track to track. A great way to start the week!


Sloan – 01 Believe

If you believe everything has a reason
If you believe that what you see will unfold
If you believe everybody needs to shake it loose
then everyone will rock
everybody will roll…

Sloan – 02 Cheap Champagne
Sloan – 03 All I Am Is All You’re Not
Sloan – 04 Emergency 911
Sloan – 05 Burn For It
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