When will they hear the sounds?

Photography by etherealwinter

Well, it seems the “indie” world is waiting with bated breath on word that the new Wolf Parade is about to leak. You can add me to the numbers, but I’m scared. So far, I’ve loved the parts much more than their sum! I’m trying not to listen to the two songs that are floating around anymore, as I know they are an “album” band and not a “singles” band, or are they? Man, what if I don’t like it? Nah, not possible…..

Aiding in my avoidance of the 2 songs, my lovely ipod, trusty and friendly, 8gbs of portability, from which these ears review all that I discuss, suddenly erased itself. yay. Oh well, I needed to clean that shit out anyway, right? So then, as if aware that I needed something new to fill it came the My Morning Jacket Evil Urges leak (it’s over in the record shop). Unfortunately, with the weather turning beautiful, it being another Monday at work, and me wanting to start the week off with a smile, this album just didn’t click. Oh well, I only have one policy, if I don’t digs it, I don’t writs it… no, that’s not it…. uh, if it doesn’t fit, I must acquit? No, uh, if I don’t likes it, I don’t writes it, yeah, sure, that’ll work.

So, you are probably asking yourself (assuming you are still reading this dribble), what the fuck am I stuck on today? Well, it’s one of my favorite little bands (little, as in no full albums yet, only EPs, but don’t worry, it’s coming soon), a band that can guarantee to put a smile on my face with their fun, and brilliantly written, pop songs… that’s right, The Little Ones and their latest EP Terry Tales & Fallen Gates. Continuing where Sing Song EP left off, these guys can do no wrong so far. So, let the sun shine down on your face, put a smile on your face, a bob in your head, and get ready to dance around like an idiot because they are the Little Ones…


The Little Ones – 01 Tallies

When will they hear the sounds?
When will they hear the sounds???

The Little Ones – 02 Boracay
The Little Ones – 03 O-A (There’s A Sun)
The Little Ones – 04 Unlock The Door!
More Little Ones…

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  1. Anonymous
    April 23, 2008 at 1:33 AM

    not digging the new MMJ release – song #3 is hideous. The Little Ones stuff though is highly enjoyable just like you promised.

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