Well into the desert we must go, so into the desert we go

Photography “Looking Forward” by Valina

Well…. there’s going to be alot of posts around the blogging word this week on this one, if Subpop doesn’t like songs being posted, well, they’ll have their work cut out for them. But I have to talk about it. It’s all I’m listening to, you know?

Of course, given that Random Spirit Love & Plague Park ranked crazy high on my top 16 last year (numbers one & three respectively), you can imagine how excited I was to hear that the Wolf Parade leaked yesterday. The boys have come a long way and done a lot of stuff since Apologies from a few years back. I couldn’t wait to see how that would effect the Wolf Parade sound. Let me tell you, my friends, I’m one happy mother fucker. I feel like, they took their more straight forward new-wave rock sound of apologies and, instead of making it bigger & hookier, they made it less hooky and more complex. They evolved, but not by being “bigger”, but by just getting “better”.

It’s a bit proggy (yay!!!), it’s a bit theatrical (wheee!!!), it still keeps an ear to the “Wolf Parade sound” (woop!!!), it’s just, well, it’s just fucking fantastic! They sound great together, on the Dan songs (the more immediately accessible), Spencer’s all over it, layering and layering, “it needs more synth here!” and on the Spencer songs, Dan’s keeping him a little grounded. They are each other’s ying to their yangs or something. It’s early, and I think I still like Plague Park and Random Spirit Lover more than this, but give me a few billion more listens on repeat and I’ll let you know come our best of at the end of the year….. ;)

Alright, let’s hope SubPop let’s me keep a few songs up, because “Call It A Ritual” as a “single”, as a stand alone song, makes no sense when it’s not flanked by “Soldier’s Grin” and “Language City”. So, let’s at least go with that today, this is the first 3 songs off the album, go buy it to hear how it goes from there, how it unfolds…

The next step? Getting this bad boy on vinyl…. oh man… I can’t wait!


Wolf Parade – 01 Soldier’s Grin (removed by request, surprised it lasted this long)
Wolf Parade – 02 Call It A Ritual

Well into the desert we must go
so into the desert we go,
call it a ritual,
or call it whatever you will…

Wolf Parade – 03 Language City (removed by request)
More Wolf Parade…

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