There’s wanting and regret

Photography by Gabriele Chiapparini

Man o’ man, every friday lately, the phrase ‘thank god it’s friday’ rings truer and truer! Exhausting. After work today, we need to head up to Pittsburgh, so no vinyl rips tomorrow (though, why you’d wait for me when you can download a ton more in the society hall right now). If I’m not utterly wiped out on Sunday, hopefully I’ll get something cool up for you! Until then…..

We have today’s obsession, Jason Anderson’s The Hopeful And The Unafraid. What can I say about this one? I loaded this one up with no expectations, and no idea what to expect. What I found was some amazing working-class rock & roll. An album that made me call up Mellencamp, Sprinsteen, and Billy Joel, an emotional time of rock, with gratuitous use of piano & guitar, the occasional sax & slide guitar, where are hero wears his emotions right there on his forehead. Where each song feels like an autobiographical chapter in his life. Really good, something everyone who’s battling their way through work, through life, who’s got their own scars and stories can relate to… We’ve all been there (or will be, for our young patrons).

So, go put on your jeans and t-shirt, go hop in your piece-of-shit car, load this one up and get ready to let it all out! Enjoy!

Jason Anderson – 01 El Paso
Jason Anderson – 02 July 4, 2004
Jason Anderson – 03 Wanting and Regret

There’s wanting and regret
there’s setting back of clocks
forgetting and nostalgia
and dusk at 4pm…

Jason Anderson – 04 This Will Never Be Our Town

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