Presents…. Small Change on Vinyl!!!

Photography by Little Miss Magic

Happy Friday, my friends, happy Friday indeed. It’s amazing, isn’t it? We tend to spend 5/7ths of our lives waiting for the other 2/7ths to occur (well, that’s depressing). My family’s in town and I’m not at work, meaning, I gained an extra 1/7th of happiness!!! Doesn’t get much better than that… Now, everyone here are a bunch of heavy sleeper-inners and I’m an early riser, so you know what that means, eh??


That’s right, rip city, baby. Hopefully, there will be 3 rips for you by the end of the weekend starting with today’s classic by Tom Waits, a little 1976 number called Small Change. I’ve found that most people tend to fall in two categories as it relates to Tom Waits… One, those who love him (of course), his scraggly-ass voice and world view, then there’s the others, the ones that when you put the record on, their head tilts to one side, their face starts to get a little scrunched, then after a few seconds waiting for it to be a joke of some kind but then finally realizing, no, this is how it’s supposed to sound then ask, “Uh, what the fuck is this? And what’s wrong with his voice?”…

And that’s okay. Some people like tomatoes, some people think that though tomatoes make for a wonderful canvas from which great art, such as ketchup, salsa, spaghetti sauce, is made, they are actually the dead fetus of satan himself. You see? Tomato, tomato, potato, potato (you know, that doesn’t work nearly as well writing it out as it does sounding it out).

Where was I? Tangents and rambles lately, my friends, and for that I apologize. Work has my brain all scrambled up like a delicious plate of scrambled eggs with ketchup. So let’s just get to the goodness, shall we? As…

TSURURADIO Proudly Presents… Small Change On Vinyl!!!
(Full Zip)

Side One

1. Tom Traubert’s Blue
2. Step Right Up
3. Jitterbug Boy
4. I Wish I Was In New Orleans
5. The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me)

Side Two

1. Invitation To The Blues

2. Pasties And A G String
3. Bad Liver And A Broken Heart
4. The One That Got Away
5. Small Change

6. I Can’t Wait To Get Off Work
Lots more vinyl down in the society hall…

Go show Mr. Waits all your love here, here, and here now! Also, tons more vinyl all ready for your love and appreciation down in the society hall at the Vinyl Preservation Society!!!

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