Presents… Reveal on Vinyl!!!

Photography by Scott James Prebble

Been wanting to get this one ripped for a long time… As you know, I’m still on a huge REM kick because of Accelerate (oh man, yesterday at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, I picked up Accelerate on Double 45 rpm LP!!! Can’t wait to rip that! There are about 3 songs on each side, this will totally change the way you hear this album… Mmm….). I really wanted to rip one of their under-appreciated newer classics, namely, 2001’s Reveal.

I’m not going to gain alot of indie/rock cred right now (not that I had much to begin with), but I’m one of the few people who really loved the last three albums, in fact, I consider them a trilogy of sorts (go ahead and try it, play all 3 back to back to back, nearly seamless). To me, Reveal is my favorite of the three, capturing an uplifting beauty of a perfect summery day.

What Handsome Furs Plague Park is to the 3am late-night aesthetic, Reveal is to the 3pm summery moment. It’s an interesting contrast and comparison (or my senility is growing at a faster pace than I thought). We played them back to back the other night while making home-made monsters (yeah, we are a weird little family, what of it?) and it was striking how they both captured a very particular moment, yet at a completely opposite time of the day. Now if you are wondering what part of thin air I pulled that comparison from, then you are obviously not a member of our little Vinyl Brigade and missed out on our last Members-only vinyl rip! Tsk-tsk..

Let’s get to it, as…

TSURURADIO Proudly Presents… Reveal on Vinyl!!!
(Full Zip)

Chorus Side

1. the lifting
2. i’ve been high
3. all the way to reno (you’re gonna be a star)
4. she just wants to be
5. disappear
6. saturn return

Ring Side

1. beat a drum
2. imitation of life
3. summer turns to high
4. chorus and the ring
5. i’ll take the rain
6. beachball
More vinyl of in the society hall…

Go show R.E.M. all your love here, here, and here now!

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