Lay it back, let it go, fall in love

Photography by Lynn K

Well, this is an easy post. Talk about matching perfect with the day. It’s a cloudy wanna-be rainy day outside, I’m inside looking out, typing work emails, following up on a thousand projects, and I’m feeling goooooood.


Yep, you see the right Reverend Al Green’s latest Lay It Down leaked out this weekend and it’s like like sweet candy to my ears. Wait, that doesn’t make much sense… Oh well, whatever, nevermind. It’s chill, it’s R&B, it’s new, but old school. Horn-inflected, with some of the sweetest groove bass lines you’ll hear (I was going to say, “this side of the mississippi, but to be honest, not even sure what that means in this day & age), and that heavenly voice. Easiest the best male voice in R&B today, yeah, that’s right, all the Ushers & Ne-Yos out there, take note, THIS is how R&B is done… Reverend Green’s keeping it real and right, just like Ms. Sharon Jones and Candi Staton, showing these kids how it’s done, proper, with instruments and everything. Good times…


Al Green – 01 Lay It Down (with Anthony Hamilton)

Lay it back
let it go
fall in love…

Al Green – 02 Just For Me
Al Green – 03 You’ve Got The Love I Need (with Anthony Hamilton)
Al Green – 04 No One Like You

Go show Mr. Green all your love here, here, and here now!! Holy crap, I just read that the horns are none other than the Dap-Kings! Oh, and guitar is by Chalmers Alford of the Mighty Clouds of Joy! Fucking sweet!!!

1 comment for “Lay it back, let it go, fall in love

  1. Tsuru Bride
    April 28, 2008 at 11:51 AM

    WOOP!! Al Green AND Dap Kings!!???! I think I’m in love…

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