I want it to be all right

Photography by Ioana Stanciu

Stuck in work hell,
hell is hell my hell
go to hell
and I did, but woke
in a foggy haze
to do it all again
and here I stand
sit late
working so late
ten pm
fast approaching
so fuzzy fuzzy
noir so fuzzy
happy happy
harmonies and happy
and I’ll listen again
til tomorrow when
I’ll do it again
til happy happy
noir makes me
and go…

Jim Noir – 01 Welcome Commander Jameson
Jim Noir – 02 All Right

All right
All right
If I want it to be all right
All right
I would come to you
I would come to you…

Jim Noir – 03 What U Gonna Do
Jim Noir – 04 Don’t You Worry
Jim Noir – 05 Ships and Clouds
More Jim Noir in the record store…

Work is crazy, didn’t bother with coherent sentences tonight. Go show Jim Noir and his amazing new album all your love here, here, and here now!

And a bonus song (it’s about vinyl, so yeah)..

Jim Noir – 08 Good Old Vinyl

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