I like how you swim, you do it with ease

Photography by normeli’y’ke

Oh man, am I a happy little aspiring Canadian! The new Islands release Arm’s Way leaked out this past weekend and eventhough I spent how many hours recording and posting the Sonic Youth rip, this is all I’ve been listening too! It’s so fucking good.

It’s much more cohesive and focused than the brilliant Return To Sea, but there are still plenty of A.D.D.-ish diversions to keep the Islands fans happy, they just aren’t quite as obvious. It kicks off with the ELO-like “The arm”, before giving us a little jive-talking “Pieces Of You” which flip-flops and ultimate sails away on it’s harmonious chorus. “J’aime vous voire quitter” starts off rockin’ enough with a bit of Cars-synth flying around before switching gears to a near-rendention of “Hot Hot Hot” around the halfway mark… haha! Feelin’ hot, hot, hot, indeed! Each song is it’s own animal (sorry for the all the influence references, just couldn’t think of a more apt way to describe what I heard), yet the overall sound ties each one together beautifully. It forces the listener to dig just a little deeper.

Because I absolutely had to share it, I also added the near-8 minute gem “The a bond” (not even the longest on the album, that title goes to “Vertigo” at 11 mins!). A beautiful slow starter, tainted with violins and a simple sweet rock melody. Every build-up, you think it’s going to just kick in hard, but it doesn’t, it teases & teases before finally finding itself in some sort of Velvet Undergroung “Heroin” timewarp near the 5min plus mark…

I can see how many people might not dig this too much, if you were expecting Return To Sea part II, hold off and wait for Wolf Parade (should be leaking soon, oh and Death Cab leaked, check the society ;), if you are ready to open your ears, you’ll find a deeply rewarding album waiting for you…


Islands – 01 The arm
Islands – 02 Pieces of you
Islands – 03 J’aime vous voire quitter
Islands – 04 Abominable snow
Islands – 10 To a bond

To a bond
bridge between
two trees
both blowing leaves
into that great ravine
you came swimming with me
I like how you swim
you do it with ease
you do it with ease…

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1 comment for “I like how you swim, you do it with ease

  1. jason
    April 15, 2008 at 5:53 PM

    I couldn’t agree with you more on how great this album is. I’m only sad that I haven’t had more time to sit down, pop some headphones on and obsess over it. SO far”In The Rushes” may be my favorite song. I mean, come on, it breaks down into Tho Who 3/4 of the way through. How bad ass is that? This whole album has a dark, epic feel to it. Do you know if this will be released on album? The album art is awesome. Reminds me of Frida Kahlo. Long live the Islands!

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