Everything to you! Everything to you!

Photography by normeli’y’ke

Wow, it’s been a rough long day, but just wow…. Sunny Day Sets Fire’s album Summer Palace, put on by a fluke this morning while prepping for the day, has just “pwned” as the kids tend to say. Alright, sorry for the stupid language, but man. The first few times through, it’s got an emotional Little Ones kinda feel, but as I hit rotation number 4, 5, 6, etc, it seemed to get a little darker, a bit more Jeremy Enigk, just putting it all out there, with the occasional female vocal (yay). Very interesting how it evolved on me through out the day. I’m listening now… I really don’t remember it sounding like this this morning.

That’s a good thing… Immediate standouts are “Stranger”, which starts out all innocent enough, nice bouncy 60’s pop, but by the end it takes on this near-epic feel! And today’s bonus track, “Smallest Heart on Earth”, a bit indescribable, just a slow starting brilliant track that slowly, creeping up, builds to a near bombastic conclusion!

Man… yeah… Enjoy!

Sunny Day Sets Fire – 01 Wilderness (removed by request)
Sunny Day Sets Fire – 02 Stranger

If I could tell you how I feel
I would give what I’d held
everything to you!
everything to you!

Sunny Day Sets Fire – 03 Teenagers Talking (removed by request)
Sunny Day Sets Fire – 04 End of the Road (removed by request)
Extra amazing track… Sunny Day Sets Fire – 06 Smallest Heart on Earth
More Sunny Day Sets Fire…

Amazing, eh? Go show Sunny Day all your love here, here, and here now!

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