A kiss is not a contract but it’s very nice, it’s very very nice…

Photography by honey-stick

The best novelty band coming out of New Zealand, ever. The Bret & Jermaine won my heart after our favorite couple had shown me a few DVR’d episodes, and I wound up with The Flight Of The Conchords first season on DVD (we don’t have HBO). Their album came/leaked out (not sure which), and eventhough it’s basically a soundtrack for the show, the songs flow surprisingly well! I was laughing my ass off at work listening to this today, as well as smiling at the episodes as certain bits reminded me of them… A wonderful way to keep it all in check. Yeah, it’s novelty, but they are perfectly thought out and crafted. Whether it be a saucy vintage French number, robots taking over the world, songs about getting it on on a work night with your wife in a dirty ol’ t-shirt, each song takes the right genre, the right attitude, exaggerates it just enough but not too much.

Yeah, this is staying on my player for a while… I think I’m going to need it from time to time.


Flight Of The Conchords – 01 Foux Du Fafa
Flight Of The Conchords – 02 Inner City Pressure
Flight Of The Conchords – 03 Hiphopopotamus Vs Rhymenocerous (Featuring Rhymenocerous And The Hiphopapoatumus)
Flight Of The Conchords – 04 Think About It
Flight Of The Conchords – 05 Ladies Of The World

And one more of my very faves…

Flight Of The Conchords – 11 A Kiss Is Not A Contract

A kiss is not a contract
but it’s very nice

it’s very very nice…

Go show Bret & Jermaine all your love here, here, and here now!

2 comments for “A kiss is not a contract but it’s very nice, it’s very very nice…

  1. per-ray
    April 11, 2008 at 7:48 PM

    i can’t find the album anywhere on any torrent sites, anybody uploaded anywhere?

  2. Tsuru
    April 12, 2008 at 9:36 PM

    yeah? have you tried hanging out with us over in the record shop over in the vinyl society??


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