2008: The battle for Tsuru’s soul!!

Photography by Deák Éva

It’s a cage match, to the death, or so it seems, in 2008, for my soul. In the one corner, you have young Tsuru and two key bands shaping his music tastes for years to come… REM & Weezer. In the other corner, is your old site host, with a grey or two, a wrinkle or two (or three), but sexier than ever dammit, swooning over all things Canadian indie where groups like Wolf Parade & Islands vie for my attention.

It’s down and dirty, folks. We are at a juncture, a cross roads, a point in time where old meets new, where they look at each other and examine where we were, where we are, and where we want to be. Would this Tsuru be friends with that Tsuru? Will they play nice? Or will they just respect each, from a distant.

Who knows, but dammit, bring on the Weezer & Wolf Parade leaks and let’s find out! Until then, here are 2 songs fighting for my time:

Weezer – Pork and Beans
..a “single”, and clearly one. It’s catchy as all fuck, but the lyrics are rather cringe-worthy. They sound like they are trying so hard to sound like “weezer”, to the point where they are a caricature of themselves. If you told me that the real song was “In my jeans” and this was the Weird Al Yankovic version, called Pork and Beans, talking about Rogain, Oakleys, Timbaland, and underwear….. well, I’d completely believe you. But you know, it’s weezer. They are said to be experimenting on this album. Let’s see what that means.

Wolf Parade – Call It A Ritual
..not a “single”, definitely needs the before and after to judge fairly, but I’m intrigued, want to see what got me to Ritual, and where it leads me, what does Dan & Krug have up their sleeve? What twist and turns will they take me on? I want to hear the prog sub-pop said this album was….. I can’t wait.

Go show Weezer & Wolf Parade all your love here & here now, respectively… Sorry for the weird post, been a weird week. More love soon!

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