What’s gonna happen to you

Photography by Pouet

One more quickie before we head off into the weekend (i.e, ergo, start rippin’ us some vinyl). An album that seems to be lingering around the player, periodically getting played, and getting stuck in my head more and more and more… Even right now, the TV’s on, an old House re-run, and the line “What’s gonna happen to you” is playing over and over in my brain. Theatric pop & rock with a keen ear to a very catchy melody.

Nice finale to a rather rough week, if I say so myself… Keep an eye out, gonna be a vinyl weekend (I ain’t got nothing else planned, easy peasy weekend), so until then…


Plants and Animals – 01 Bye Bye Bye

What’s gonna happen to you?

Plants and Animals – 02 Good Friend
Plants and Animals – 03 Faerie Dance
Plants and Animals – 04 Feedback in the Field
Plants and Animals – 05 A Loree Des Bois
More Plants and Animals down in the record shop…

Go show these crooked French Canadians all you love here, here, and here now!

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