TSURURADIO’s Members-Only Vinyl Rip Vol. 4!!!

Photography by Tsuru

Happy Easter, my friends…

Not a religious man and really, today’s members-only vinyl rip (our 4th!) has nothing to do with Easter (unless you eat apples or play with a certain bug during Easter and hey, to each his own, right?), but look… why not go with it. Regardless, our 4th Members-Only vinyl rip is up and ready for your enjoyment! It was a serious labour of love getting this one ripped. It ain’t perfect, but the album is so good, you quickly forget.

So, whacha waitin’ fer…. Head on over to the Society Hall and start downloading!

If you aren’t a member yet? Well, why the fuck not? It’s just a click and a registration away. Membership (obviously) has it’s privileges. Not just members-only rips, but also first dibs on rips when I get them up but haven’t had a chance to post on them. So get to it! You know you want to… BUT REMEMBER, don’t just take, participate!!!

(don’t make me woop yo ass!)


Peace, love, & LPs,

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