Tane, tane mahuta!

Photography by Ozana

Movin’ on to more new music… not exactly sure to describe this one, sunshine beach boys harmonies, home-made-jamborees, noise, lovely melodies, and a bit of the tribal. Sounds like a mess, eh? Nope, it’s fucking brilliant. You put it on, and for the first one minute and forty-five seconds you are like, “oh man, what’s this shit? Let’s get this going already”, but then when it does, you realize, they were just setting the mood, all proper for the sweet love they were about to bring. And sweet lovins were broughten, my friends, broughten indeed.

Yeah, I’m making up my own words now… you get me though doncha, yeah, you do. Though, I think that might say more about you than me! ;)

Haha! Enjoy…

The Ruby Suns – 01 Blue Penguin
The Ruby Suns – 02 Oh, Mojave
The Ruby Suns – 03 Tane Mahuta

Tane mahuta!!!

The Ruby Suns – 04 There Are Birds

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