Slow down honey, I can’t think

Photography by Mirjan

Work is slamming today, just got done with my final emails. Oof. So it’s going to be a quickie. I hope you’ve been enjoying the Sam Cooke rips, amazing stuff, eh? Just picked up 5 more records this weekend, some old, some new, all good times coming your way soon. Also picked up the biography I mentioned, so far, so good, Peter Guralnick paints a vivid picture of Sam’s childhood (I’m only through chapter 2)… hehe.

Well, it’s time to come back to the naughties, but at the same time, dip us back to some ancient old-timey country music with Sera Cahoone’s new one, Only As The Day Is Long. Baby and I chilled to this one late Saturday night and now it’s simple old school country is winding down my long day quite nicely (well, Sera and a tall glass of tonic). Slide guitar, banjos, and her beautiful voice… Takes you to a different place, a place without emails… Yeah.


Sera Cahoone – 01 You Might As Well
Sera Cahoone – 02 Baker Lake

Slow down honey
I can’t think
Seen this before
and I know what about to break you…

Sera Cahoone – 03 Only as the Day Is Long
Sera Cahoone – 04 Runnin’ Your Way

Recognize track 3? ;) Alright, now go show Sera all your old-timey love here, here, and here, now!

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