Presents…. Ultraglide In Black on Vinyl!!!

Photography by Ruedi

You’re always tryin to get the best of me
Tryin to make me feel small
Didn’t take me long to figure out
You really didn’t love me at all

That’s why your love (your love, your love)
Belongs under a rock (your love, your love)
I said your love (Your love, your love)
Belongs under a rock(your love, your love)

Probably one of the coolest albums most people have never heard… Mick Collins and his Dirtbombs (just one of about 1,000 bands he’s in) took 12 songs from the 60’s and 70’s (and one original song), set them to dual drums, dual bass, a guitar, and Mick’s perfect vocals, and made an amazing tribute to the black artists that shaped his life calling it Ultraglide In Black!

Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder, Barry White, Smokey Robinson, Sly Stone, George Clinton, and Marvin Gaye, just to name a few. Instead of coming off like some compilation record, the Dirtbombs rock party this shit out giving it wonderful cohesion & non-stop good times, like some gig you could only wish you were there for (I know I wish I was).

By the way, The Dirtbombs got a new album out, We Have You Surrounded. As always, it’s pretty fucking good. Go check it out! Of all the bands that came out of the Detroit scene during the White Stripes orgy a few years back, this band was completely overlooked, and I have no idea why. Let’s correct that, shall we, as…

TSURURADIO Most Proudly Presents… Ultraglide In Black on Vinyl!!!
(Full Zip)

Side 1

1. “Chains of Love” (J.J. Barnes)
2. “If You Can Want” (The Miracles)
3. “Underdog” (Sly & the Family Stone)
4. “Your Love Belongs Under a Rock” (The Dirtbombs)
5. “I’ll Wait” (The Parliaments)
6. “Living For the City” (Stevie Wonder)

Side 2

1. “The Thing” (Larry Bright)
2. “Kung-Fu” (Curtis Mayfield)
3. “Ode to a Black Man” (Phil Lynott)
4. “Got to Give It Up” (Marvin Gaye)
5. “Livin’ For the Weekend” (The O’Jays)
6. “I’m Qualified to Satisfy You” (Barry White)
7. “Do You See My Love (For You Growing)” (Junior Walker & the All-Stars)

Good shit, eh? Alright, now go show The Dirtbombs ALL you love here, here, and here now!

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