Presents… Let’s Hold Hands Mixtape!!!

Photography by Kat

Oh man, are you guys in a more treats! What started on Friday will only continue this week as we present more “Presents…”! Member vinyl rips & today’s little share, our latest mixtape! This one was inspired by my failed attempt to reconcile (nice word, eh? probably using it completely wrong, but at least I’m trying! I need to beat baby at scrabble one day!) combining Destroyer’s Trouble In Dreams with Hello, Blue Roses The Portrait Is Finished & I Have Failed to Capture Your Beauty… into a boy-girl-boy-girl album. I was going to call it Destroy Your Blue Roses, get it? Yeah, not so good, it failed.

But, out of the ashes came (what I think) is a pretty sweet mixtape. The idea was now to make a cohesive flow of equal parts male and female led songs. The final draft is actually the third draft. The first one was Side Boy (all boy songs) then Side Girl (all girl songs), but then it became a boy-girl-boy-girl affair (well, actually, girl-boy-girl-boy), allowing my baby and I to take turns singing in the car, ’cause we are super cool like that.

I hope you enjoy it, it’s got a mix newer music, older music, and bands already featured here. All-in-all, the music and flow was more important than making sure I’ve never featured a song before (the music is ALWAYS king). Okay, that’s it, grab, load it up, and enjoy as…

TSURURADIO Presents… Let’s Hold Hands Mixtape!!!
(Full Zip)

01 Tilly & The Wall – Rainbows In The Dark
02 Liam Finn – Better To Be
03 She & Him – I Was Made For You
04 Destroyer – My Favorite Year
05 thedø – At Last
06 The Black Keys – Psychotic Girl
07 Sia – Electric Bird
08 Andrew Bird – Fake Palindromes
09 Soko – I’ll Kill Her
10 Gentlemen Auction House – Blissful Things Go
11 Adele – My Same
12 Girls In Hawaii – Found In The Ground
13 Sera Cahoone – Only as the Day Is Long
14 Grand Archives – Miniature Birds
15 Cat Power – The Greatest
16 Sunset Rubdown – Us Ones In Between
17 New Pornographers – These Are The Fables
18 Nada Surf – Are You Lighting
19 Ida – Blue Clouds

Go show all these amazing artists your love now! Oh, and hey, how about our new Vinyl Society digs, eh? I’m really lovin’ it, just a simple little quaint home for us…..

*happy sigh*

2 comments for “Presents… Let’s Hold Hands Mixtape!!!

  1. Kenickie
    March 27, 2008 at 3:21 PM

    I never comment, but I have to tell you that I loved this mixtape, espesh ‘At Last’ by Thedo. If only I had someone to hold my hand…

  2. Tsuru
    March 27, 2008 at 8:34 PM

    I’m so glad you liked it! Thank you so much…. We may not be able to hold your hand, but you’ve got friends waiting for you down in the vinyl society.


    Peace, love, & LPs,

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