Presents… Heartbeat City on Vinyl!!!

Photography by Diana Rikasari

So, while out and about last Saturday for Gallery Hop here in Columbus, we popped into this little cool vintage shop horribly named Flower Child Retro (horribly named because A. “Flower Child” implies hippies and the 60’s, and they carry all kinds of cool stuff from the 30’s to the 70’s and B. “Flower Child” AND “retro”? ugh. Oh well). Anyways, while there, as we explored room to room (each room is set up with a theme, very cool), we got down to the basement and I found a huge stash of used records, wheeeeee!!! Now, most of the albums I was very uninterested (too cheesy, even for me!), there were a few gems, but those were pretty scratched to hell. But there was one there for $4, in really good condition, that back in 1984 owned radio… The Cars and their ridiculously successful Heartbeat City. Because of my affinity for Weezer and their connection to Ric Ocasek, and, of course, my fond reminiscing of the song “You Might Think” back when I was a young ruffian in the eighties, I picked this bad boy up and ripped it the very next morning.

Holy crap! Listening to this, I realized I was very familiar with at least half of this album, “Hello Again”, “Magic”, “You Might Think”, “Drive”, sweet jesus! Each of these were a hit! Remember the videos? The reeeeeally crappy special effects? Good times…. At the end of the day, Ric somehow won over Paulina Porizkova (they are still married? wow), produced one of my favorite albums of all time, and avoided the Cars “reunion” thing going on now.

Yeah, smart man… There’s really nothing I need to say about the album itself, you know most of it. Download it for the nostalgia, load it up, and have some fun.

Oh, hey, no vinyl rips from me this weekend, we are driving up to Chicago for the weekend (if weather permits) to get away from here for a couple days. I plan on hitting Reckless Records and Dusty Groove Records when I’m there, so expect plenty of vinyl love on my return!!! WOOP! But don’t fear, you can go get your vinyl fill over in our Society Hall where Carie has posted her rip of The Glove, a one-record collaboration between Robert Smith (The Cure) and Steven Severin (Siouxsie and the Banshees), and good friend Lysol has posted The Mountain Goats 2005 record Come, Come To The Sunset Tree!!! I know, awesome, right?!?

But you gotta join first, and don’t just take, participate, m’kay?!? Alright, let’s get our eighties on, shall we, as….

TSURURADIO Presents… Heartbeat City on Vinyl!!!
(Full Zip)

Side One

1. Hello Again
2. Looking For Love
3. Magic
4. Drive
5. Stranger Eyes

Side Two

1. You Might Think
2. It’s Not The Night
3. Why Can’t I Have You
4. I Refuse
5. Heartbeat City

Go show the Cars all your sweet tenderness here, here, and here!!!

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