Living well is the best revenge

Photography by Gabriele Chiapparini

Yeah, it’s a Friday night, and with the cold I’m fighting (and my baby’s purse ideas floating around in her head), we are hanging home, listening to Colin Meloy Sings Live!, she’s making a bad-ass tote bag, and I’m playing fetch with the cat all psyched up about a radio rip of a preview of an album that you know I’m rather anxious to get a hold of…. yep, REM’s Accelerate. You can play fetch with a cat for only so long before she becomes bored.

So fuck it. Here’s some of the new songs we haven’t heard yet. I LOVE “Man Sized Wreath”… The quality is not the best (radio rip of an internet broadcast of a mic up to the speakers that are playing some of the songs), so I’m holding judgement (though, to be honest, I’m more excited than ever now, especially after hearing the NPR live broadcast from SXSW!) but it’s worth giving it a go & enjoy!

Now… where’s that Nyquil?

REM – Living Well Is The Best Revenge
REM – Man Sized Wreath
REM – Hollow Man
REM – Horse To Water
REM – Until The Day Is Done
REM – Live @ SXSW (Full NPR Broadcast)
(in the Strip Mall at the Vinyl Society)

*** UPDATE – The album leaked! Yay! Head over to the vinyl society to check it out! ***

Not that I need to tell you again, but go show R.E.M. all the love you can here, here, and here now!

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