La de dum dum

Photography by Jackson Eaton via Nerve
How many favorite bands do you have? I’ve got a few and recently, I’ve started breaking them apart into “types” of favorite bands. First, there’s the nostalgic favorites, bands that changed my musical life forever, but are not putting out anything really. That honor goes to the Violent Femmes & Yes. Yes took me away from the mainstream crap I was listening to as a young lad in the 80s and took me to the land of 18 minutes epics. The Violent Femmes, as it did for many teenagers, spoke to me like no other band ever could.. and the fucking bass, goddamn.

Then you have the lifetime achievement awards-type faves, and that goes to REM. They’ve been there since my first record collection, since forever, I guess they’re my “go to” band, and they are still cranking out music I love (unlike my Femmes, which sucks that they quit making new music, truly).

Finally, you have your current bands, the ones that you love, but are still a bit new to take on any “favorite of all time” status, but man do I love them. That’s where the Decemberists came in… The thing about the Colin and the crew is the quantity AND quality of music they keep putting out! Each year it seems, you have something new to chew on. Look at this list… Castaways in ’02, Her Majesty in ’03, The Tain came out in ’04, I think Picaresque came on in ’05, Crane Wife in ’06, the DVD in ’07, and now, it’s early in ’08 and here comes Colin Meloy Sings Live! A beautiful & intimate live solo performance of a mix of Decemberist songs and covers. And that’s not all their releases if you look at the other Colin Meloy sings and the Tarkio songs out there! And you know, I love it all…

In the few years since their debut they’ve put out more than most bands put out in their lifetime. So, Decemberists, it’s with great joy that I add you to the likes of REM as one of my favorite bands of all time. I love you guys…. can’t wait to see what you got next in store for us!

And now the music, got a little extra treat for ya today… Not just the first few tracks from Colin’s gem, but also the vinyl rip of “The Tain” (holy shit, right?), one of my favorite songs/EPs/epic anythings, ever!


Colin Meloy – 01 Devil’s Elbow
Colin Meloy – 02 We Both Go Down Together
Colin Meloy – 03 Evoking A Campfire Singalong
Colin Meloy – 04 The Gymnast, High Above the Ground

Through the tarlatan holes
You’ve been slipping, been slipping away.
La de dum dum.
And the weather will hold-
It’s been ever so, ever so gray.
La de dum dum.

Colin Meloy – 05 Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect – Dreams
Colin Meloy – 6 Dracula’s Daughter
More Colin Meloy Sings Live down in the strip mall…


TSURURADIO Presents… The Tain on Vinyl!!!

Go show the D’s all your love, and then some, here, here, here, and ESPECIALLY here now!

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