I’ve been seen out all alone

Photography by Marie Hochhaus

As the busy week continues, I find myself more and more thankful for the recommendations by our amazing members! Today, while I try to stay ahead of the tide of work that is slowly drowning me, keeping me company is the unfortunately named Unbunny’s wonderfully named 2004 gem Snow Tires suggested by good friend and Society VIP Lysol.

To give me a gist of what they are all about he said, “Common camparisons with these guys tend to go to Elliott Smith, Neil Young, and Neutral Milk Hotel. Probably a smidgen of truth with each of them, I suppose, but Unbunny have their own little thing going on, and they deserve their own little spotlight.”

I’d be inclined to add a wee-bit of Beulah in that list too (which is certainly a good thing)… Beautiful stuff.


Unbunny – 01 Casserole
Unbunny – 02 Nightwalking

I’ve been seen out all alone
past grocery stores and mobile homes
beyond the glow of industrial parks
where laundromats spin broken hearts…

Unbunny – 03 I Leave Stones Unturned
Unbunny – 04 Nothing Comes To Rest
More Unbunny down in the record shop…

Go show Unbunny all your love here, here, and here now!

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