In the cult of number one

Photography by, uh, RetardStock

Well, work is still kicking my ass, what can you do? The music must persevere, goddammit!!! Fortunately Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea by the Silver Jews is soothing my soul, helping me make it through without strangling those near me, pushing me through. Oh “Suffering Jukebox” with your quiet organ intro, lulling me into a calm, into the melody and verse kick in carrying me through the day…

Thanks guys..

Silver Jews – 01 What Is Not But Could Be If
Silver Jews – 02 Aloyisius, Bluegrass Drummer
Silver Jews – 03 Suffering Jukebox

Cranes on the downtown skyline
is a site to see for some

It all to make a few reputations

in the cult of number one..

Silver Jews – 04 My Pillow Is The Threshold
More joos down at the record store, come hang with us…

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