Because they are lovers, yes they is

Photography by Macarena Bravo

Oh Jonathan… your simple tunes of love & beauty. Where was this recorded? It’s got a live, home-made 8-track kinda feel to it, it’s occasional muffled sounds, it’s uneven mixing, it just pulls you in, making you feel like you were one of the lucky ones there, watching one of the most under-appreciated, yet sweet and enduring artists still cruising the circuit, recording this little gem, in his living room or something. Just him, his acoustic guitar and his drummer, and granted, not every song is just the two of them, but more often then not, it’s all he needs.


Jonathan Richman – 01 Because Her Beauty is Raw and Wild
Jonathan Richman – 02 No One Was Like Vermeer
Jonathan Richman – 03 Time Has Been Going By So Fast
Jonathan Richman – 04 Es Como El Pan
Jonathan Richman – 05 Our Drab Ways
Jonathan Richman – 06 The Lovers are Here and They’re Full of Sweat

Well the lovers are here and they’re full of sweat
and you want that
they are going to take this sterile place
and make it live
well, of course they smell a little
didn’t they just get off the train?
because they are lovers
yes they is…

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1 comment for “Because they are lovers, yes they is

  1. Pol Dodu
    March 31, 2008 at 3:54 AM

    Do you really think it’s sensible to post so many tracks of a record that’s not even released ?
    Why not just the one track for “sampling” ?
    It is especially jarring when the artist concerned is Jonathan Richman, who has made a point of keeping out as much as possible of the internet.

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