You’re walking out the door, you don’t love me anymore

Photography by Katie

Wow… right out of left field on this one. Mixing folk, pop, old-timey banjo porch music, Balkan music, a bit of Klezmer, and some trippy carnival sounds, Misophone have created an wonderfully crafted and compiled (the tracklisting is perfect!) album in Where Has It Gone, All The Beautiful Music Of Our Granparents? It Died With Them, That’s Where It Went, man that’s a mouthful. Each song creates an atmosphere drifting my mind (and ears) to some far away from here. Kinda got a similar feel to the Mini People in Coney Island post (remember that? it’s still up! these guys should meet…) Really a surprise, it’s been sitting on my iPod since Vertigo over at Peanut’s Playground raved about it last month, but sadly I didn’t bother to listen to it until I got over my Girls In Hawaii obsession on Monday.

My only regret is that I didn’t get to hear this last year. Listen to the first few songs, then go show these guys all your love. It’s well deserved.


Misophone – 01 White Waves
Misophone – 02 Nothing Down There But Trees
Misophone – 03 Deluded And Obscene
Misophone – 04 You Can’t Break A Broken Heart

Your walkin’ out the door
you don’t love me anymore…

Misophone – 05 It’s Good To Be Alive

Time to pony up the love… Go here, here, and here now!

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