You are more than alive

Photography by Muneera

Alright, let’s shift this into a bit of mellow chill, shall we…

As I still struggle to sleep proper (waking up every two hours until about 5am when I just can’t sleep anymo’) and the weather has gotten downright mean, time for something cozy. Somehow Hayden’s latest In Field & Town found it’s way on my player a few weeks back, but it’s only today that I finally gave it a fair chance (damn, I hate it when I do that). It’s sweet & heartbreaking all at the same time as broken relationships are the theme du jour, reminiscent in feel to a good Ron Sexsmith album, yet this is his own affair gone awry (and in a completely different voice because, let’s be honest, NOBODY sounds like Sexsmith, no matter how hard I try in the privacy of my own ride in to work with the speakers set to “deaf”). And hey, he’s Canadian too! Maybe the two should collaborate? Oh, and baby…. he’s on the same label as your Basia Bulat (woop!).

Alright, go grab a cup o’ cocoa, get a blanket, turn on these tunes, and think about those relationships that just weren’t meant to be…. OR, do what I’m doing, fight off falling asleep at work, get your work done, a do everything you can to stay awake to watch a little Project Runway finale with the wife and (if the good lard’s willin’) a bit of Daily Show…



Hayden – 01 In Field & Town
Hayden – 02 More than Alive

You are more than alive
you more than alive

Hayden – 03 The Van Song
Hayden – 04 Worthy of Your Esteem
Hayden – 05 Damn This Feeling

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  2. Tsuru
    February 28, 2008 at 6:08 PM

    very nice work! thanks for the link….. on the video, what is she squeezing in her fingers???


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