Tsururadio Vinyl Preservation Society Presents… Fables Of The Reconstruction Of The Fables Of The Reconstruction on Vinyl!!!

Photography by Valina

Oh man, I’m a lucky guy. You all know I love me some R.E.M. (if not, really, you aren’t paying very close attention are you?). I trying my best to patiently wait for the leak of their new album (seriously, where the fuck is it?) but then along comes Tsururadio Vinyl Preservation Society member Carie (who you may remember from the infamous Meat Is Murder rip) ripping one of my favorite old school R.E.M. albums with her brand spanking new USB turntable, Fables Of The Reconstruction. Perfect. But you don’t need to hear me drone on about it, here’s Carie…

“I first discovered R.E.M. in 1986 when I heard “Fall On Me” playing on the KSJS, the college radio station in San Jose. I went out and bought Life’s Rich Pageant and fell in love with them immediately. R.E.M. has remained steadily as one of my favorite bands since then.

Although I thought about posting Life’s Rich Pageant (and I probably will someday soon) I decided to start with Fables of the Reconstruction because it really is suited to vinyl. This album reminds me what it was like when bands make records, not CDs.

I got really excited when I heard the first notes of “Feeling Gravitys Pull”. The song ends with the weeping sound of the strings. The songs are all so distinctive, and while I may not like all of R.E.M.’s more recent work, they definitely owned the 80’s for me. So many good records, so many good songs, so many good memories.

So here we start with “A Side” which shows the record title as “Fables of the Reconstruction”. Then we flip it over to “Another Side” which shows the title of the record as “Reconstruction of the Fables”. I love this little idiosyncrasy about this record. The album cover says “Fables of the” on one side and “Reconstruction of the” on the other so the title becomes an endless circle. On the inside sleeve, the songs are listed in a completely random order, so one never knows which is the beginning or the ending of the record.

Hope you enjoy as much as I do!”

Quite eloquent, eh? It’s amazing you put up with my writing at all! Alright, let’s get to the good stuff. Carie, thank you so so much for your first (of many, I hope) contribution to the society. And now, with much appreciation, the…

TSURURADIO Vinyl Preservation Society Proudly Presents… Fables Of The Reconstruction Of The Fables Of The Reconstruction on Vinyl!!!
(Full Zip)

A Side

01 – Feeling Gravity’s Pull
02 – Maps and Legends
03 – Driver 8
04 – Life and How To Live It
05 – Old Man Kensey

Another Side

01 – Can’t Get There From Here
02 – Green Grow The Rushes
03 – Kohoutek
04 – Auctioneer (Another Engine)
05 – Good Advice
06 – Wendell Gee

Go show R.E.M. all the love you can here, here, and here now!

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