There’s no shortcuts, no straight lines

Photography by Linus L.

Oh man… going to an interesting couple of weeks, my dear friends. Your boy Tsuru is heading on over to India for about 2 weeks on Monday for work. So what does that mean to you? Probably the following:

1. LOTS of vinyl this weekend, something to keep you busy while I’m out. This should include a member vinyl rip, one from me, AND a members-only vinyl (man, who loves you like I do??)…

2. Uncertainty of new music posts, I should have broadband, but it’s gonna be a busy trip, will I have the energy? I have no fucking clue.

3. LOTS of photos of India. HA!

Got a load of prepping to do, fortunately Canada’s (and Arts & Craft’s, love that label) the Constantines new RAWKIN’ album Kensington Heights is keeping me going and getting my shit together. Not much to say, not a lot of time to say it… just a really really good rock album, plain & simple. Enjoy!

Constantines – 01 Hard Feelings
Constantines – 02 Million Star Hotel
Constantines – 03 Trans Canada

There’s no shortcuts
no straight lines
in the highway I can find
that’s leaving the country

Constantines – 04 Shower Of Stones
Constantines – 05 Our Age

Wish me well, wish me luck, but go show these buys all you love here, here, and here now!!!

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