Presents… Naturally (and then some) on Vinyl!!!

Photography by Fidgey

You are in for a treat today, my friends. My lovely bride and I drove over to Louisville, Kentucky to see the incredible Ms. Sharon Jones & her funktastic Dap-Kings on Friday. This was the second time seeing her in two years, both times during the Super Bowl weekend. It’s amazing the difference two little years can make, eh? To give you an idea, here’s a little compare & contrast for ya…


2006: Shitty little dive bar in somewhere in Jacksonville, FL. Could maybe fit 100 people, uncomfortably.

2008: Headliners in Louisville, KY. Regular club setting, could probably fit 500 to 800 people, second floor viewing available, and we actually had to put on arms bands to drink. Wow, felt like I was 21 all over again.


2006: None, unless you count the pinball machine in the corner.

2008: First, a DJ (her name was on the bill, Kim Sorise, no clue who she was, but she played some nice tunes… why they didn’t just play a sweet mixtape, I have no idea), then the Ivan Milev Band, but the band wasn’t there, just the violinist & accordianist. They were amazing, frenetic Balkan music completely in sync, regardless of how fast each other played. 99% of the audience stared at these two guys with the collective “what the fuck” expression. Fucking awesome.


2006: 10 of us, we counted. A few “hipsters”, a few older folks, check done.

2008: Probably about 500 people, a whole bunch of hipsters, a bunch of the older folks, and this new group, not sure if they were carry-overs from the Amy Crackhouse crowd or Perez Hilton worshipers, but they nearly ruined the show. Completely drunk, looking about 40, eventhough they were probably 25, with their redneck boyfriends (really? country accents in the non-south still confuse me) who were more interested in talking on the phone (they were there for the beer) than watching the show, pushing people who were there just to dance and enjoy the show, talking loud during the opening act (fortunately, Ivan Milev scared them away for a little while). Tis success, I suppose, but ugh….. just ugh.


2006: 3 horns, drummer, 2 guitars (one of ’em Binky), Bosco (the brains, the brawn, the man) on bass, and Ms. Sharon Jones.

2008: They added a bongo player!


2006: Fighting off technical difficulties, they barreled through songs from each album, danced through her heritages, and brought the sweat, soul, and funk!

2008: Fighting off technical difficulties, they barreled through songs from each album, danced through her heritages, and brought the sweat, soul, and funk! Seriously guys, after two years, if she still can’t hear herself, buy her one of those ear pieces already…


The Mrs & I have had two wonderfully memorable (unforgettable in 2006, educational in 2008) experiences surrounding Ms. Jones & The Dap-Kings, but I think next time, we’ll just wait for her to come to Columbus (or where ever we happen to live, work, & play).


Alright guys… now for the fun part, the vinyl, and man o’ man do I have a special treat for you, I picked up a few 45’s and have created a Natually “experience” for you tonight! First, we let Binky Griptite warm things up, proper like, with his Mellomatics & his 45 “Mellomatic Mood Parts 1 & 2”. After that, Sharon Jones brings it like no other with her instamatic classic Naturally…. but before you can rest your weary feet (because I KNOW you’ll be dancing your ass off, if not… well, I’m afraid there’s nothing much anyone can do for you), we bring you an encore with Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings forty-five “I’m Not Gonna Cry”.

Holy shit, right? Yeah… I think so too! What you waiting on? Get to it as…

TSURURADIO Proudly Present the soul-funk stylings of Naturally (and then some) on Vinyl!!!
(Full Zip)

Warm Up The Crowd Mr. Griptite!

01 – Mellomatic Mood Pt. 1 (45rpm)
02 – Mellomatic Mood Pt. 2 (45rpm)

Ladies & Gentlemen, Ms. Sharon Jones!

Side 1

01 – How Do I Let A Good Man Down?
02 – Natural Born Lover
03 – Stranded In Your Love
04 – My Man Is A Mean Man
05 – You’re Gonna Get It

Side 2

01 – How Long Do I Have To Wait For You?
02 – This Land Is Your Land
03 – Your Thing Is A Drag
04 – Fish In The Dish
05 – All Over Again


I’m Not Gonna Cry (45rpm)

Listen tight, keep the soul flag flying and go show Sharon Jones and Daptone Records, every ounce of your love here, here, and here now!

2 comments for “Presents… Naturally (and then some) on Vinyl!!!

  1. mb
    February 3, 2008 at 9:06 AM

    Kim Sorise is a former WFPK radio DJ that knows her shit and eventually left over some dispute too long to get into. She’s still a favorite in Louisville, so you’ll see her open for bands and rock out a club from time to time.

    Headliners kinda sucks for sound, but somehow can overcome to be the home of some unforgettable experiences (Iron & Wine and Calexico, Built To Spill) integral to my musical enlightenment.

    I’m glad you go down to the Ville from time to time. Though not the South, it’s not really Midwest or East either. Expect hicks. Expect hipsters and valley girls. Expect mostly a good drinking crowd (bars close at 4 a.m., tip your barkeep).

  2. Tsuru
    February 3, 2008 at 1:23 PM

    Yeah, Kim played some good times, but if you told me it was just a sweet mixtape, I’d believe you just as quickly.

    Headlines looked cool, neat paitings, coloring, and drapes, but yeah… sound problems. I was starting to think it was part of the act, you know, like James Brown, “I can’t go on”, kinda thing, but then I’d hear the whine as they tried to get it loud enough for her, I’d see her frustration.

    Most the audience was very cool, I love the mix of young indie-kids and older-old-skewl R&B/Soul folks. It was just those few who can ruin it for so many. No respect for others at all, just loud obnoxious idiots, who, like I suggested, could’ve only heard of Ms. Jones through Amy Crackhouse or a Perez type.

    Certainly they weren’t Tsururadio fans, as my peeps SHARE the love, not try to destroy it.

    Hell, one of them bumped hard into my wife, who, by this point was really getting annoyed with them, so she gave a look like “c’mon..”, they about lost it, wouldn’t let her look go! I shimmied my way between her and them just in case, and it finally settled but man, c’mon.

    Maybe I’m getting old.

    And mb, my friend, I ALWAYS tip the barkeep.

    February 3, 2008 8:20 AM

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