Who gives a fuck about an oxford comma?

Photography by Rose & Olive

Well, this was refreshing! A genuinely unique new album by the unfortunately named (well, unless it’s ironic, then I guess it’s cool or someting? either way, it’s sure to piss off a goth or two) Vampire Weekend and their sweet self-titled debut (they really like their little name, eh?) coming out this month.

Slightly-afro-indie-pop by a foursome of white boys from New York is how I’d describe this, as I’m sure countless other sites already have (well, maybe not the “white boys” part), this album seems ripe for blog-adoration, you follow? But it’s worth it, his voice sounds like Paul Simon, as do a quite a bit of influences, add in that the light-hearted Jonathan Richman guitar lickin’, a seemingly nonsensical Peter Gabriel reference and, well, I’m sold too!

Enjoy and a little reminder, our first vinyl rip from our Vinyl Preservation Society member is going up this week! Keep an eye out!

Vampire Weekend – 01 Mansard Roof
Vampire Weekend – 02 Oxford Comma

Who gives a fuck about an oxford comma
I’ve seen those English travels too
their cruel
so if there’s any other way
to spell a word it’s fine with me
with me…

Vampire Weekend – 03 A-Punk
Vampire Weekend – 04 Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

Go show these boys some of your love here, here, and here now!

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