Wait just a second now

Photography by Jeff

Well this was a pleasant surprise, not sure if I’d classify this as a leak, as much as a sneak! The amazing Andrew Bird (winner of the No. 8 spot on our Most Awesomest Tsururific Albums Of 2007 with Accompanying Mixtape!!! post) has made available on his tour an eight song EP called Soldier On, and man it’s beautiful (of course), it’s got some b-sides, some early versions from Armchair Apocrypha, and an amazing cover of Bob Dylan’s “Oh Sister”. No need to ramble, I’ve already jibbered on enough about Bird enough on this site…

So, here you go… A little mid-post post before our next member vinyl rip that I hope to get up tomorrow!!


Andrew Bird – The Trees Were Mistaken
Andrew Bird – Sic Of Elephants
Andrew Bird – Heretics (Early version)

Wait just a second now
It’s not all that bad
Are we not having fun?
You make your mountains of handkerchiefs
Where the mascara always runs
So be careful when you’re done
You’re bound to get post-needle
Wait, did I just hear you say…

Andrew Bird – Oh Sister (Bob Dylan Cover)

Beautiful, eh??? Go show the man some love here, here, and here.

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